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About me

Writer. Interviewer & director at the award-winning interview series “Zwijgen is geen optie” (Silence is not an option).

Contact me at for press requests or writing-, speaking- or consultancy assignments.

I am not active on social media, but feel free to follow me by subscribing to my RSS feed or my newsletter.

Current projects

ZIGO House
2021 – now, co-founder

In a secluded spot in Ghent, as part of a centuries-old beguinage, we’ve created a safe spot for sincere conversations. A place where the resistance can meet, with all facilities necessary to find the words that need finding, and broadcast them as freely as possible.

Our Rolodex
2021 – now, co-creator

In Our Rolodex Annelies Desmet and I collect the most beautiful words and sentences to lean on.

Zwijgen is geen optie” (Silence is not an option)
2016 – now, co-founder

Zwijgen is geen optie is an award-winning place for sincere conversations with remarkable people covering the biggest issues of our time. Available both as video and as podcast series. In dutch (for now).


“Why I am a good person (and so are you)”

Why should we install heat pumps when the ice caps are already melting? Why protest if people aren’t listening anyway? Why vote if the outcome seems to be predetermined? In short: does it make sense to keep trying? And if so, am I doing enough?

I do love the world, but that’s not always easy. It’s part of the reason why I started the podcast Silence is not an option with director Tom Mahy. In the past seven years, over 140 guests joined our table. Entrepreneurs, artists, activists, scientists, writers, teachers… – very different people with one common mission: trying to make the world a better place.

The many conversations taught me that I do not have to feel guilty about the things I’m not doing, but I can be proud of where I am making a difference – consciously and subconsciously. That ‘doing too little’ can still be more than enough. That regardless of the outcome of my efforts, I am a good person. And so are you.


For years I’ve been ending the newsletters of “Zwijgen is geen optie” (Silence is not an option) with a poetic, funny or romantic post scriptum. They became so popular, we decided to print and distribute them as postcards.

“Why silence is not an option”

As co-founder of “Zwijgen is geen optie” (Silence is not an option), I was asked to write a strong statement to explain why silence is out of the question. Instead, I wrote a novella which doesn’t necessarily defend speaking up but understands the silents.

The Newsletters
2016 – now

My playground. For years now, I’ve been writing a weekly newsletter to announce new episodes of “Zwijgen is geen optie” (Silence is not an option), in the mean time I try to revalue the medium of newsletters by putting an extraordinary amount of love into it. No two words are ever the same. Even the unsubscribe links get treated differently every week.


Human rights award (Belgian League for Human Rights)
Awarded to “Zwijgen is geen optie” (Silence is not an option) for creating a safe space for minority voices to speak out.

Best podcast award (Belgian newspaper De Standaard)
Awarded to “Zwijgen is geen optie” (Silence is not an option), category: Talk.

New technology of the year (Digital Analytics Association)
“Award for excellence” awarded to Darwin Analytics.

Belgium’s Most Promising Entrepreneurs (Belgian newspaper De Tijd)


“Free but connected” (Klara)
A long conversation with Klara-host Nicky Aerts about the inner workings of “Zwijgen is geen optie” (Silence is not an option).

“Which kind of humans do we want to be?” (Tertio)
With Frederique Vanneuville from Tertio I had the change to have a deep conversation about the philosophy behind “Zwijgen is geen optie” (Silence is not an option). Together, we discovered how our practices are much more linked to traditions than we assumed. (dutch)

“Longing for hope? Talk to someone.” (GreenTrack)
With Eva De Groote I discussed the importants of market-free temporary urban spaces like DOK Ghent, which has been essential for “Zwijgen is geen optie” (Silence is not an option) to come into existence. (dutch)

“You won’t find truth with us, only hope.” (De Morgen)
Freek Evers took the time to portray me on the occasion of the publication of my first novella and the second ZIGO Soirée at Arts Centre Vooruit. (dutch)

“He who listens intently, hears breadcrumbs falling and picks them up” (Church & Life)
Bertrand Goethals from “Kerk & Leven” (Church & Life) wrote down the how and why behind the defining conversational style of “Zwijgen is geen optie” (Silence is not an option). (dutch)

Past projects

2020 – 2021

playField. uses philosophical, sociological, data scientific, astronomical and mathematical research as a starting point to reflect on society and la condition humaine. Through interactive installations they invite the audience to join a shared experience.

Love in times of corona
2020, contributor

During the first COVID-10 lockdown, we spread posters and postcards to lighten the load and give words to the lack of human contact.

Homo Ludens
2015, co-writer, co-director, actor

Homo Ludens is a mixed reality play where the CEO of a technology company goes on a roadshow to sell not just a new product but a new kind of life. We performed the play on company events where the audience was not aware of the fictional nature of the play.

Darwin Analytics
2012-2015, co-founder

Darwin Analytics is the company behind Myrise: the content performance dashboard that shows why some of your online content performs better than others, so you can write more. Myrise customers included Doctors Without Borders, the European Council, and ABB.

Talking Heads
2011-2012, employee

Talking Heads is the first Belgian social media agency, working for large and medium sized Belgian companies to improve their online presence by communicating more transparently.

2007-2011, founder

Youreca is a web consultancy agency working as a subcontractor for advertising agencies or directly for medium-sized Belgian companies to build and improve their online communities. Portfolio included: Bazooka Joe, Unilever and Pernod-Ricard.

Babysitters’ community
2003-2008, co-founder is a not-for-profit online platform linking parents to babysitters. Together with my co-founder, we grew the community from scratch to over 30.000 active members.