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I try to surround myself with people smarter than me. Here’s a selection of beautiful people who are paying it forward, a favor I try to pass on as much as I can.

  • Louis Jonckheere & Pieterjan Bouten (Co-Founders Showpad)
    Louis & PJ take the time to dig deep into numbers and strategy, and helped me define the appropriate milestones. Not afraid to speak their minds. I like!
  • Jurgen Ingels (Clear2Pay)
    A strong voice with fresh ideas in the Darwin Analytics advisory board.
  • Jean Zurstrassen (Skynet, Keytrade Bank)
    The most no-nonsense advisor I know. A great motivator and also not afraid to speak his mind. Au contraire.
  • Luc Burgelman (NGData)
    Luc has great insights in business strategy, and takes the time to share and explain them. A rare, but wonderful combination.
  • Filip Tack (Nomadesk)
    I met Filip for the first time when facing a difficult strategic problem. One meeting was enough to separate signal from noise, and make the right call.
  • Paul Van Cotthem (ex-Telenet, ex-Apple, Turnleaf)
    Paul combines an impressive amount of experience with enthusiasm, which makes a great sparring partner for product management, marketing and sales discussions.
  • Andreas Creten (Founder madewithlove)
    Sketched the technical architecture of Darwin for the first time on a piece of paper. A great technical advisor.
  • Folke Lemaitre (Founder Engagor)
    The literature Folke advised me to read still defines the way I work. Also a great help in financial modeling, learned a lot from him.
  • Filip Maertens (Founder Argus Labs)
    Honesty. When talking with Filip, you’re talking with someone who’s ballsy enough to share the honest details about running a business. Invaluable!
  • Sofie Verhalle (MD Talking Heads)
    Facilitated all the experimenting of Darwin in the early days. Now critical member of our advisory board with a focus on people and team.
  • Bart De Waele (CEO Wijs)
    Saw the business value of Darwin before I did. Now an investor and challenger of Darwin.

This list is *old*. If you’re reading this and thinking: I SHOULD BE ON THIS PAGE! you’re probably right. Check back in a few weeks, hopefully to discover I’ve done my part.


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